Programs and Rates

Contact us by phone, email or facebook message for a free introductory class, where you will be able to work side by side with one of our certified coaches.

CrossFit Membership - $120.00/month
- $690.00/6 months ($115.00/month)
- $1,320.00/year ($110.00/month)

Spousal and High School Student Discounts are available.

Masters (55 and older) ONLY class (1 class/week) - $60/month (starting Oct. 6, 2021)
*Masters athletes may also purchase a CrossFit membership ($120/month) to have access to all our classes, Masters class included.

Anyone can pay a one time $15.00 drop-in fee to attend a class, without a membership.

102 Wall St
Port Jefferson, Ohio (view larger map)