box rules

1. Have fun!  Make noise!  Encourage others!
2. Be on time...actually, come 10 min early to roll out and stretch before the group warm up.
3. Sign up for classes. Be accountable. It will help us be better prepared for you.  
4. Greet new people. Lets build our community.
5. Respect the equipment. Only drop weights when needed. Do not drop kettlebells or empty bars. Control your weight, burpee penalty if you hit someone else :)
6. Clean up after yourself.  That includes sweat, blood, spit, tears or whatever else you can think of.
7. Don't be a chalk whore!
8. Don't let your ego hurt you.  Scaling and modifying are encouraged to keep intensity high. We want you to come back! If you are hurting, let us know so we can try to help.
9. Work hard. Come to class consistently for maximum gains.
10. Don't cheat. Count accurately and meet CrossFit standards for full range of motion.